Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buy THE WALK for 99 cents this week...and get THE DEAD MAN for free!

The_Walk_FINAL (2) It was two years ago today that, at Joe Konrath's urging, I began my "Kindle Experiment" by making my out-of-print book THE WALK available as an ebook. I've sold close to 20,000 copies of THE WALK since then...and to celebrate, I am pricing the book at just 99 cents for the next week.
And as a special gift, if you email me proof of purchase of THE WALK at lee AT, I will email you, in return, a free copy of my new book THE DEAD MAN #1: FACE OF EVIL.

That's two books for just 99 cents. You can't beat that!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Julius Katz and Archie endorced by the Wolfe Pack!

'Julius Katz and Archie' ($2.99) gets a very nice endorsement from the Wolfe Pack.

The multi-award winning novellas by Dave Zeltserman, originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine are now available as e-books, online, AND the long-awaited, full length novel is also now available online for download -- all in a variety of formats.

This intriguing mystery series evidences some similarities to Rex Stout's detective pair, Nero & Archie, but only some. This modern-day duo from Boston's Beacon Hill, are well worth a try. One of the more striking similarities is the humor evoked by first person narrator, Archie Smith.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Funky Werepig Interview

Harry Shannon here. Horror talk show host Greg Hall interviews me live on his blog talk radio program The Funky Werepig this Monday. Rated R. Generally profane, outrageous and very off the wall.

Monday, May 16, 2011

RUNNING COLD (A Mick Callahan Novel)

RUNNING COLD (A Mick Callahan Novel) just $2.99
Media psychologist Callahan is a failed Navy Seal, a recovering alcoholic and a loyal friend. He's also a man with a hot temper and a talent for getting himself into trouble. In this brand new adventure, the fourth book in the popular series, Callahan finds himself up against an angry young soldier just home from Afghanistan. Wes McCann's father is a compulsive gambler and one of Mick's clients. His brutal murder sets these two dangerous men on a collision course.

"Mick Callahan is a man with a past, a mean right hook, and a radio talk show. He's pretty good at giving people advice - just not necessarily good at taking it. The strength of this series is in its central characters, flawed, human, often funny, sometimes tragic, and the relationships among them."
-Mystery Scene

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Julius Katz and Archie now available for $2.99 -- Kindle or Nook!

The award-winning Julius Katz mysteries have delighted thousands of mystery fans since first appearing on the pages of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in 2009, winning a Shamus, Derringer and Ellery Queen’s Readers Choice Award . 'Julius Katz' introduced readers to Boston's most brilliant, eccentric and possibly laziest detective, Julius Katz, as well as his sidekick, Archie, a tiny marvel of whiz-bang computer technology with the heart and soul of a hard-boiled PI.

Now in Julius Katz and Archie’s first full-length mystery, the stakes have never been higher when a famous Boston mystery, Kenneth Kingston, tells Julius he wants to find out who’s planning to kill him. The problem is almost everyone in Kingston’s life has good reason to want to kill him, and this case soon plunges Julius and Archie deep into the world of murder and publishing.

Buy now for $2.99 for either Kindle or Nook!

New-- now available at Smashwords

New -- early review for Julius Katz and Archie


“Julius Katz may be the titular star of Dave Zeltserman's new novel, but it's the voice of his AI assistant, Archie, that carries the day. Archie's more human than most "real" people, and funnier, too. The satire bites, and the mystery satisfies. Julius and Archie became favorites of mine when they first appeared in Zeltserman's award-winning short stories, and they're even better in novel form. Long may they thrive.” Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes series

“Fans of Donna Andrews's Turing Hopper artificial intelligence mysteries, rejoice! Award-winning author Dave Zeltserman has created silicon chip Archie, the high-tech sidekick to Julius Katz, Boston's most famous and laziest wine-drinking detective. Here is a delightful traditional mystery that follows in the footsteps of Dorothy L. Sayers's Lord Peter Wimsey series.” --Naomi Hirahara, Edgar Award winning author of the Mas Arai mysteries

“Julius Katz and Archie is a charming and sophisticated drawing room mystery from the pen of the multifaceted Dave Zeltserman. Although the book harks back to the classic whodunits of the Nero Wolfe era, eccentric detective Julius Katz’s sidekick, Archie, is a character straight out of tomorrow: the brilliantly conceived spawn of our digital world. The clever plotting will satisfy mystery aficionados, while long time Zeltserman fans will be pleased to hear that there is a fist of steel lurking under the elegantly tailored velvet glove.” Roger smith, author of Wake Up Dead and Mixed Blood

"It's a nifty change-of-pace for the usually hard-boiled Dave Zeltserman. Clever, sophisticated and witty, 'Julius Katz & Archie' will thrill fans of Nero Wolfe...and readers who never heard of him! Zeltserman knows how to mix character, action, and plot and create a pitch-perfect, modern mystery. More, Sir! The sooner the better." -- Paul Levine, author of "Flesh & Bones"

"Julius Katz is not only one of the most popular and award-winning creations in modern mystery fiction, the sheer wit and cunning of Dave Zeltserman's writing takes you into a world as amusing and surprising as the Rex Stout novels that Dave honors with this character." Ed Gorman, author of Stranglehold

"I’ll say no more but rest assured this is another zesty page turner choc full of smart twists, colorful characters and laugh out loud moments. Katz is a great creation and he and Archie, the heart of the book, are a smashing team." Paul Brazill

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ed Gorman's The Marilyn Tapes for 99 cents!

Daily Cheap Reads is offering Ed Gorman's classic novel The Marilyn Tapes on Kindle for just 99 cents! Download intrigue, JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe and J. Edgar Hoover now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Night of the Beast .99

Harry here. The cool site features "Night of the Beast," a loving, over-the-top homage to pulp writing and the 1970′s-80′s mass-market horror explosion. It cheerfully salutes every trope in the genre. The novel has become something of a cult classic. Newly proofed and formatted, only .99 for a short time only.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New double e-book from Zeltserman and Zandri

From award-winning author, Dave Zeltserman, and Amazon bestselling author, Vincent Zandri, comes a double e-book featuring their latest thrillers, Dying Memories and God Child, for $3.99. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still #1

Latest rankings from Amazon for the Top Suspense Anthology:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #191 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#1 in Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Mystery > Anthologies
#54 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
#55 in Books > Mystery & Thrillers > Thrillers

For $0.99, see what the buzz is all about!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're #1 Mystery Anthology on Kindle!

"Top Suspense" is the #1 Mystery Anthology on Kindle, and the #3 "Mover and Shaker" at the same time, i.e. fastest moving. Remember, it is priced at only .99 for the next two weeks, so grab your copy now.

Top Suspense Specials for May

All of these e-books are being priced at $0.99 for the month of May only, with prices being set back to $2.99 for June 1st

Top Suspense: 13 Classic Stories by 12 Masters of the Genre

From Lee Goldberg:


From Libby Hellmann:

From Paul Levine:


From Harry Shannon:

Dead and Gone

From Dave Zeltserman:

Julius Katz Mysteries
Blood Crimes