Monday, February 24, 2014

An interview and an article

Over at Harvard Square Edition I talk with Mary Uhas about my novels, writing, advice to first-time authors, and the two most effective ways to market&sell ebooks.

I'm also featured in the article 'Gut Check Fiction and the Heathens Who Are Writing It', along with Nic Pizzolatto (HBO's True Detective) and Tom Franklin. Here's a small excerpt from this article:

"Dave Zeltserman is the uncrowned king of blue collar noir. Zeltserman has populated the 2000s with tales of urban desolation, suave ex-cons, dirty cops, men desperate for one last score, and average Joes looking to take something from a world that has robbed them of too much. He has even dipped his hand in horror with 2011’s The Caretaker of Lorne Fields and last year’s Monster. A personal favorite of Zeltserman’s fiction is Small Crimes. Hitting the street in 2008, Small Crimes chronicles the journey of paroled ex-cop Joe Denton as he seeks out a return to a normal life. As old enemies demand Denton to right past wrongs, the reader realizes despite his boisterous attempt, that Denton is not who he appears to be. Zeltserman’s writing is sharp, vibrant, and smooth to read. He has the rare ability to make bad men seem redeemable and good men unsavory, as only great writers can do. As Denton’s antics of greed, coercion, and hostility escalate, Zeltserman’s writing makes Denton’s machinations graspable and almost agreeable."