Thursday, August 2, 2012



Victor Frankenstein. Marquis de Sade. Witch burnings. Vampyres. Devil worshipers. Depraved London sex clubs. Street gangs. Vengeance. Obsession. Damnation.

"imaginative and grotesque... This is juicy material for Franken-fans, and Zeltserman is just faithful enough to the original that his many fresh contributions feel entirely normal.Well, abnormal, to be accurate, but deliciously so".-- Daniel Kraus, Booklist (*Starred Review*)
"This reworking of Frankenstein is chilling and captivating! A tale of justice, true love, and ultimate forgiveness, this gruesome novel is perfect for fans of Stephen King and similar horror stories".-- Foreword Magazine (*Pick of the Week*)

"I flat out loved it... a graphic, brutal story with heart and soul" -- Crimespree Magazine

"A masterpiece of originality, beauty, ugliness, eloquence, wisdom and power". -- Ed Gorman

"When awards season rolls around, this one's going to be a major contender." -- Bill Crider

"Brilliant reimagining of Frankenstein: faithful enough to delight lovers of Mary Shelley's masterpiece, but wonderfully inventive as it takes the monster on a bloody quest for vengeance" -- Roger Smith

"Dave Zeltserman continues to expertly explore the depths of darkness with MONSTER" -- Paul Tremblay

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