Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Dead Man

Created by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, The Dead Man books are a series of raw, in-your-face, energetic novellas featuring a new title every month. Matt Cahill is a bluecollar hero, a sawmill worker from the Pacific Northwest. He’s handy with an axe, and as dependable as they come. Lost in an avalanche while skiing with his lover Rachael, his survival after three months under the snow defies all medical explanation. With his old life effectively ended, and afflicted by flashes of a mysterious kind of vision that no one else shares, he takes to the road in search of answers.

You get the feeling that The Dead Man is written at white heat by people who know exactly what they’re doing, with the overriding objective of entertaining the reader. Goldberg and Rabkin’s TV and published work ranges from Spenser for Hire, Martial Law, and Psych to Diagnosis Murder and cult favourite Monk, and each month’s guest contributor is a novelist of solid professional standing. Harry Shannon, Christa Faust, Bill Crider, James Reasoner, Phoef Sutton, James Daniels... the list continues to grow and you can find details on all the titles here.

The world is sufficiently grounded to be relatable, the concept sufficiently off-the-wall for escapism and fun, while the format is a new take on a proven approach – the excitement of the pulp era’s monthly newsstand visit, reinvented for the eBook generation.

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