Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fun Part: The Final Polish

From Paul's Messy Desk...

I woke up spitting sand.  Someone was kicking me in the ribs.

That's the opening paragraph of my "work-in-progress," which is undergoing the metamorphoses to "book."

It's titled "State vs. Lassiter," and yesterday I received my editor's notes.  I am blessed to have a great editor.  In her notes, she asked two overall character questions and 134 carefully crafted line notes.  It should take two long days to address them all. 

This brings to mind by a question  posed to me on a Linked-In writing group earlier this week.  A budding author asked if I have ever re-written a chapter.

Ever?  Like, when have I not?  If you count re-writes, minor edits, and polishes, I probably re-do each chapter a dozen times BEFORE any editor sees my words.  What about you folks?

As many authors have noted before me, coming down the home stretch is the fun time.  This is when you can shine your work to a high gloss.  This will be my 17th novel, and this part of the process remains my favorite.

As for the book itself, Jake Lassiter goes on trial as the DEFENDANT after all the evidence points to him in the homicide of his banker/girlfriend.  About half the book consists of a trial for first degree murder.

So, I'm locking myself in today and working on the manuscript this one LAST TIME.

Then, thanks to the generosity of a friend with floor seats, I'll be at the Bucks/Heat playoff game tonight.  Go Heat!

Folks, it just doesn't get any better.

 Paul Levine

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