Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Max Allan Collins speaking (or anyway typing).

I do two very different series for publisher Kensington in collaboration with two very different writers.

The Trash 'n' Treasures series follows young divorcee Brandy Borne and her theatrical diva mother Vivian through smalltown mysteries that EQMM critic Jon Breen claims is "the funniest cozy series going." Who are we to argue? "We" are me and my wife Barbara Collins, and our joint byline is Barbara Allan. Our new antiques mystery, ANTIQUES KNOCK-OFF, will be out in hardcover (and on e-book) very soon.

AND...starting March 1 and going through March 3rd, you can get a free download of the first Trash ‘n’ Treasures mystery, ANTIQUES ROADKILL, at all e-book retailers. Readers of mine who prefer hardboiled fare and have ignored these books accordingly now have an opportunity to see what they’ve been missing, and for free.

The other Kensington series I do is with my longtime CSI collaborator, Matthew Clemens. The concept of the J.C. Harrow/"Killer TV" series is basically: what if CSI were a reality TV show? Harrow, an ex-Iowa sheriff, becomes a reality TV star and gathers a superstar forensics team in order to track down the madman who murdered his family.

These are very scary serial killer thrillers and have been lauded by the likes of David Morrell and James Rollins. can get a free download of the first J.C. Harrow “Killer TV” novel, YOU CAN’T STOP ME, also from March 1 through March 3rd . Again, readers of mine who ignored this novel when it was published, because it was a CSI-type book and not a Quarry or Nate Heller or ROAD TO PERDITION title, can get a free look. Matt and I had a great response on YOU CAN’T STOP ME, and the early reaction to our about-to-appear sequel, NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU, is even stronger.

Please take advantage of this generous offer from Kensington, and spread the word to any of your e-book-reading friends.

How can we do this, you ask? Volume, volume, volume!

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