Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lauren's Run -- Part 3

Lauren kept her gaze level and her face expressionless.

Never let them see your fear.

“So you work for that low-life Jimmy?” she said.

“More like he works for me, angel.”

“And the money...”

“Mine. Just like your white ass.”

“Bullshit. Jimmy runs all the crank between St. Louis and–”

The woman’s laugh could have scared a Doberman Pinscher. “He told me you liked double cheeseburgers and were smart as hell. As least he got it half right.”

Under the table, Lauren’s hand was beginning to cramp. A Glock with a full clip is a helluva lot heavier than a man’s cock, even Jimmy’s. “What’s there to keep me from shooting you and hitting the road before you bleed out?”

“Think about it. Jimmy works for me. I work for The Man. You fuck with Jimmy, I’m on your ass. You fuck with me, The Man unleashes a shit storm you cannot imagine.”

The waitress delivered the cheeseburger and fries, but Lauren had lost her appetite. The woman grabbed the burger, French kissed a glob of mayo oozing out of the bun, and took a bite. Grease coated her lower lip, and she flicked at it with her tongue.

After a moment, Lauren said, “I don’t have your money.”

“No shit.”

“I stashed it in a farmhouse in Kansas.”

“You stashed it in the trunk of that dumb-ass Camry.” Another laugh like a barking dog.

Shit. She followed me. Maybe all the way from Kansas.

“So you’ve got the money back...”

“Except for what’s stuffed in your bra. Or did you suddenly become a D-cup?"”

“I don't get it. What do you want with me?”

The woman picked up a fry. Her long nails were perfectly manicured and painted blood red. “You gotta pay for what you did.” She sucked the fry into her mouth, took one bite, and swallowed. “You gotta do a job for The Man.”

One quick fluid motion, and Lauren slid out of the booth and pointed the Glock at the woman’s chest. “Tell the bastard to make an appointment.”

The woman’s fist shot out so quickly Lauren didn’t realize she’d been hit until she heard the Glock hit the tile floor and felt the stinger deep in her shoulder joint. A split second later, the woman was on her feet, a strong hand clamped around Lauren’s neck.

“This is the one who killed all those guys in Kansas?”

It was a man’s voice coming from behind Lauren. Filled with disbelief.

“She’s better than this,” the black woman said.

“I hope so, for your sake.”

Lauren strained to turn her head but the woman’s grip was too tight. She knew it was The Man behind her. What she didn’t know was what the hell he wanted with her.

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