Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Lines

I read Walter Kirn's novel UP IN THE AIR (the basis for the George Clooney movie) not too long ago and he had some terrific lines of description that I wish I wrote... lines that made me want start writing something, anything, just to be writing. Here are a few of them:

  • Two months ago she teased me into bed, then put on a showy, marathon performance that struck me as rehearsed, even researched [...] Now and then I'd catch her in the middle of a particularly far-fetched pose and see that it wasn't appetite that drove her but some idea, some odd erotic theory.
  • [...] in a suburb that might have been squeezed from a tube.
  • Old tailors love me. They tell me I remind them of men from forty years ago.
  • [...]becoming one of those women who need make-up not to highlight their features but to create them.
  • My call is passed from computer to computer and then to a person who only sounds like one.
  • She looks like a girl in her twenties who's been aged by an amateur movie makeup artist using spirit gum for wrinkles and sprinkled baby powder to gray her hair.
  • His face is soap opera handsome. Full lips. Sleek forehead. A scar on his chin to remind you he's male.
  • I manage to be brotherly to her merely by sitting nearby and shedding heat.
  • He's reading Dean Koontz with a squinting intensity that Koontz just doesn't call for and must be fake.

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