Sunday, November 21, 2010


This year will end with nearly a billion dollars worth of e-books sold to consumers. By 2015, experts predict that the industry will have nearly tripled in size, with sales rising to nearly $3 billion. It's an exciting time, and we've formed the Top Suspense Group to help readers easily find high quality genre e-books.

We're a group of like-minded writers, all of us acclaimed, all of us with our share of fans. Max Allan Collins. Bill Crider. Ed Gorman. Vicki Hendricks. Harry Shannon. Dave Zeltserman. We've already made our mark on genre fiction, whether it's noir, crime, mystery, thriller, horror or Westerns, and in some cases, several of these genres at once. Our goal with the Top Suspense Group is to make it easy for readers to navigate this massive and ever growing sea of e-books, and find some of the best genre suspense fiction out there in one place.

Watch us over the next few months. See what our readers and reviewers are saying about our books. Give them a try. Let become your trusted site for noir, crime, mystery, thriller, horror and Western e-book recommendations.

Over the next several week we'll be introducing each of our Top Suspense Authors, and starting Dec. 6th we'll be writing a crime story here in round robin fashion, each of us taking turns without any planning or coordination or safety nets. We'll also be using this blog for book announcements, news, interviews and other features.


  1. I'm looking forward to the round robin from these top names.

  2. What a pleasure to find so many of my favorite authors in one place. I can't wait to read the round robin, what an excellent idea for group blogging!

  3. The round robin is something to look forward to! I'm glad I found this blog. A great bunch of writers here!

  4. If I'm ever asked who my muses are, you can be sure I will include this group. A great idea and an inspiring, cutting-edge project!