Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book of the day: Dead and Gone by Harry Shannon

Book of the day: Dead and Gone by Harry Shannon

Unemployed actor Jack Wade takes his comatose wife to an isolated spot in the mountains, a place where a man once murdered his entire family. Frankie was a successful movie producer, but now they have run out of money. This dilapidated cabin is all they have left. As the long, lonely nights stretch out before him, Jack's dreams overflow with nightmarish images. The isolation loosens his grip on reality. He believes Frankie is capable of leaving her bed and moving around. And as Jack falls apart inside the cabin, someone or something else begins stalking the woods outside. Is the mountain evil, the cabin haunted? Or is poor Jack just going insane? Dead and Gone is a relentless, non-stop exercise in terror. This novel was made into a movie and released on DVD by Lions Gate in 2008.

I'm reading this one now. It's a good one! Highly recommended--Dave Zeltserman

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  1. Is the movie based on the book or vice versa?