Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book of the day: Mortal Sin by Paul Levine

Book of the day: Mortal Sin by Paul Levine

"Just the remedy for those who can't get enough Spenser and miss Travis McGee terribly." - St. Petersburg Times

Whether he's doing battle in the courtroom of slogging through Florida's steamy swamps, linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter is always up to his elbows in alligators. This time he uncovers a ruthless scheme to despoil the Everglades, and his own homicidal client is his worst enemy.

It all starts with a bizarre death. Environmentalist Peter Tupton freezes to death in Nicky Florio's house of the hottest day of a sweltering Miami summer. Lassiter defends the mob-connected Florio in the ensuing civil suit, and that's where the trouble begins. Florio's wife is an ex-girlfriend...and current lover, and Florio is the jealous type. Not only that, Florio is involved in even nastier stuff than the suspicious death of a pushy tree-hugger.

The trail of evidence takes Lassiter deep into the Everglades, where Florio has hatched a scheme that oozes corruption, blood, and money. One false move, and Jake is likely to become gator bait.


"Engaging...lively...colorful. The plot races with mounting tension." —Miami Herald

"'Mortal Sin' may not be better than a trip to Florida, but it's the next best thing." —Detroit Free Press

"Fun...the action is non-stop." —Chicago Tribune

"Wonderfully funny, sexy, and terrifying." —Dave Barry

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