Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book of the day: Sky Blues by Vicki Hendricks

Book of the day: Sky Blues by Vicki Hendricks

Destiny—Desi for short—is a large animal vet in the sticks of central Florida who's about to give up on the rest of life to concentrate on her career. That is, until Tom Jenks walks in her door. Sexy and charming but clearly living life on the edge—he comes to her with a sickly lion cub he's keeping illegally—he brings with him a drug like none she's had before, and she's taken them all. It's called skydiving, and with one jump she's addicted before she can even think to say no.

Even though her head is telling her no, she quickly begins an affair with Tom and becomes enmeshed in his world of adrenaline and yearning sexuality. But when dangerous things begin to happen around them and the subject of murder rears its ugly head, she'll have to pull out of the dangerous tailspin she's fallen into before she ruins—or loses—her life.

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