Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blood Crimes and new e-books from Dave Zeltserman

Sales have been climbing for Blood Crimes. Since Wednesday, Blood Crimes has been one of the 200 bestselling e-books at Barnes & Noble, with its ranking holding between 126 and 180. Now's your chance to find out what the excitement is about! Get your copy now for $2.99 from B&N or Amazon.

A new e-book original thriller with my own unique take on the genre. Available now for $2.99 from B&N or Amazon.

Bad Karma is back as an e-book. Originally published in 2009 as a hardcover by Five Star, Bad Karma is the sequel to my 2007 Five Star novel, Bad Thoughts. While Bad Thoughts is more of a grim, noirish horror/crime hybrid, Bad Karma takes the action from Boston, MA to Boulder, Colorado, and is more of a hardboiled PI story with a new age twist. Bad Karma also brings back one of the cast members of my first novel, Fast Lane.

It's available for $2.99 from B&N and Amazon.

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