Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Bookgasm over TIED IN

The reviewers at Bookgasm have given a rave review to TIED IN: THE BUSINESS, HISTORY, AND CRAFT OF MEDIA TIE-IN WRITING, which includes contributions by Top Suspense authors Max Allan Collins and Lee Goldberg. Here's an excerpt: 
Max Allan Collins reveals two stories that were heartbreaking to him. The first deals with his novelization of Warren Beatty’s DICK TRACY movie, where Collins fleshed out the story and made the mystery just that: a mystery. He was told corrections had to be made, but things worked out in the end. The second deals with the novelization of the Tom Hanks film ROAD TO PERDITION. The movie was based on Collins’ own graphic novel, but his tie-in had to be cut down and have huge chunks taken out. It’s this piece that clearly shows if you are a tie-in writer,don’t get attached to your own material, since you will have to answer to higher-ups.
[...]These are just a few of the pieces that make up this fascinating look into books which most people just think of as guilty pleasures. 
You've ever wondered how the tie-in business works, and how the books are written, TIED IN is the book for you.

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