Monday, March 28, 2011

THE DEAD MAN and Multiple Bookgasms

Bruce Grossman at Bookgasm praised THE DEAD MAN, by Top Suspense author Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin, saying that "I've not seen a writing tandem like this since the glory days of Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy."

It's a sentiment shared by The folks at Planet All-Star, who say, in part:
In all of the best ways, “The Dead Man: Face of Evil” by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin is a good, refreshing beer, solid and unpretentious and enjoyable in every way, a call back to Pendleton and Murphy/Sapir but with a distinctly modern feel.[...]Goldberg and Rabkin’s treatment of Cahill is one of the book’s strongest suits, making him a far deeper and interesting individual than is typical in the genre. Not a trained killer, far from a superman, either blessed or cursed with a supernatural ability, Cahill feels like the guy who know who’s there to jump your dead battery and has your back in a bar fight, and he’s far the more interesting for it. By the end of the story, you’re rooting for Cahill and eager for more.
What are you waiting for? Check out THE DEAD MAN now...and watch for future books in the series by Top Suspense authors Harry Shannon, Joel Goldman and Bill Crider.

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