Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Chase Part II starting April 5th

Well, the title is still undecided, but just as the original six members of Top Suspense got together to write The Chase in round robin fashion, the second six are doing the same and writing a new story under the same rules as the first one (no planning, no safety nets) and featuring our same heroine, who is either the luckiest or hardest luck character in fiction (I'll reserve judgment until I read the whole story). I've read the first five parts, and it's good. I mean, really good. So stay tuned. The story will be posted here starting April 5th, one part each day for 12 days. And like before, names won't be given until later, so you'll get a chance to guess which of the second six wrote which parts (while seamlessly done, I think I would've guessed the first 5 correctly).

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