Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Cheap Reads

The website Daily Cheap Reads has a new operation in the UK

Here in the US they are at

A terrific source for inexpensive ebooks, Kindle or Nook.

Today they are featuring our collection Top Suspense.

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  1. An Engrossing, Heart-pounding Suspense that had enough twist to leave me wanting more from each author! Top Suspense is an anthology of Master story tellers that have delivered an unforgettable book! Max Allan Collins, Bill Crider, Stephen Gallagher, Joel Goldman, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Naomi Hirahara, Vicki Hendricks, Paul Levine, Harry Shannon, Dave Zeltserman, and Lee Goldberg did an amazing job with each placement of story along with a fun round robin tale entitled, "The Chase". This was written where each member wrote 250 words and passed it on to the next, with no planning and no changing. Top Suspense will more than satisfy all crime, thriller, noir genre devoted fans, Furthermore, for those like myself who are reading these authors for the first time, there can be no better introduction to the the very best in suspense fiction. Poisoned by Stephen Gallagher was so witty and amazing! I have to admit that As soon as I finished this story, I downloaded 4 other novels by him! Remaindered also gave me quite a surprise since I have never read any of the Monk books or have saw the TV show! After reading this tale, one will be more reluctant to get or even ask an author for an autograph! It was one of those story, you did not put down from start to finish! The Baby Store by Ed Gorman was very thought provoking. A mesmerizing tale that questions the actions we choose, the moral questions we might ask ourselves, and above all, the deeply personal answers we seek for a happy ending. It has the reader stop and examine the importance of the perfect vs. the average child! This was another personal favorite in the anthology! Gorman, you are profoundly wise! El Valiente En El Infierno was another favorite! Paul Levine is like Texas Salsa! Levine is not only brilliant, he has created three-dimensional characters that drive you to the very last sentence. The Big O by Vicki Hendricks was like a modern age twilight zone with all the excitement of female drama! Thankyou Bill Crider for raising my blood pressure with Death's Brother and for several new kindle reads that I purchased! Joel Goldman's tale was not only stunning but I wish he had a TV series that he wrote for! I could easily see a future movie in the making by him! Harry Shannon surprised me in A Handful of Dust with a classic desert tale about Pike. It was not only descriptive but had lots of adrenaline! Finally, Naomi Hirahara and Dave Zeltserman, both blew me away! The twist and the thrill keeps the reader on their toes. I highly recommend Top Suspense: 13 Classic Stories by 12 Masters of the Genre. This novel generates plenty of excitement and is completely satisfying!